Wednesday, November 4, 2015

You should be outraged.

According to WRAL, a student brought an unloaded gun to Apex Middle School last year. Not only did he threaten other students with the gun, he also "...pointed the gun...and pulled the trigger".

Then, according to the parent of one of the victims, this student said: "Don't tell. If you do, I have the bullets in my backpack and you'll be next."

Yes, this happened at Apex Middle School. Yes, last year. And, yes, according to the article, our WCPSS School Board and their "policies" have allowed this student back into the public school system. Worse, they have assigned this student to the same high school that his victims attend.

Do your children attend Apex Friendship High School? Are you aware that this student is lurking your hallways? Will this student be reassigned to another high school in our community? Will our School Board member, Susan Evans, ever notify us or our community? Or is she too busy chasing her political dreams

I'm outraged. You should be too. Here's my reaction. And, if you're pissed off like I am, here's their email addresses: WCPSS Board of Education 

(And don't forget to include the elusive and secretive Supt. Merrill)

Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Kushner & Supt. Merrill,

It is absolutely reprehensible to read about this situation that occurred in my community - and my schools - from WRAL. 

Considering the climate we live in today and the incidents that have occurred in schools across the country, it is completely unacceptable for this information to be withheld from parents. To add insult to injury,  your so-called policies have allowed this student back into the public school system to attend the very same school as those he threatened. There is no indication that any other actions by the Board or the superintendent have or will be taken regarding the safety and protection of our children from this student. For God's sake, he brought a gun, PULLED THE TRIGGER, and then threatened to bring bullets the next time. When is the next time? Are you waiting to react after the fact?

I demand answers as to why we, as parents and as members of the Apex community, were not notified of this when it occurred last year. I demand to know why this dangerous student is allowed back into our schools after, as School Board member Keith Sutton says, "they have served their time" with a one year suspension. I truly empathize for the parents of these victims who have been ignored and lied to by this School Board. I am outraged and ashamed at each and every one of you.

Allison Backhouse
Apex, NC