Monday, December 23, 2013

The Year of the Snake(s)

As a new year approaches, I thought it would be good to reflect on all the great things our School Board has done to improve education in Wake County.

But... I couldn't come up with any. 

Instead, here's a recap of the woeful 2013 highlights:

  • After an expensive and completely unnecessary dog and pony show, they hired a "veteran administrator" - aka Board lapdog - who used to work at WCPSS back in the "good ol' days". You know, the days Kevin Hill and Co. have been dragging us back to.   (BTW, where is the new superintendent? Has anyone heard anything worthwhile from him yet?)

  • After moving back to base assignments, the School Board voted to cap 17 schools for this school year. Yes, 17. A new list of capped schools for 2014-15 will be released next month. (Hint, hint: Reassignments are coming as well.)
  • This video was released and no one at WCPSS cared. 
"...since joining the Board, I have not maintained my affiliations with GSIW"? Liar.
  • WCPSS Board members attended  walk in/walk out events - again, sponsored by the extreme left-leaning political group, Public Schools First NC. Let's not forget the whopper from School Board member Susan Evans' mouth in 2012:
"...I am neither actively involved in their [GSIW] activities, nor am I given any advance notice of the content or distribution of their press releases." (Another liar.)
  • School Board members Susan Evans and Jim Martin tag-teamed to verbally assault and threaten Sen. Neal Hunt in the Legislative building. Classy.

  • And the cherry on top? The School Board shamelessly ousted Keith Sutton as Chairman (the only one on this Board with some common sense, imo) - even though it is customary to allow two one-year terms as Chair. Some people are mad. Some people are really mad. Plain and simple, these Board members exploited Sutton -- and then dumped him. A brazen slap in the face to Mr. Sutton and his supporters.

Sadly, 2014 isn't looking to pan out very well either. 

And, to think - just two short years ago, I was optimistic.