Friday, February 24, 2012

Wait for me

I started this post before I had to leave town unexpectedly last week. I have some catching up to do with the recent news of Evans and Kushner accepting an award on behalf of GSIW and then - just 2 weeks later - claiming they're not active in the group. This post, however, does address yet another member of GSIW and her disbelief that she's not getting her way.


It seems there may be some regret in electing the new School Board members.

Rita Rakestraw, who ran against Chris Malone in the 2009 School Board elections and handily lost, is now complaining about Kevin Hill’s decision to go to closed session before all the public speakers had their turn at the Feb. 7th Board meeting. Ms. Rakestraw wrote a Letter to the Editor in the N&O and she is not happy.

Funny – just months ago, Ms. Rakestraw was whooping it up with Hill at his victory party.

Maybe Ms. Rakestraw should have thought twice about who she supported in the last School Board race instead of blinding following her political party.  Hill’s decision didn’t surprise me in the least. I’ve got the guy figured out and I’m not even friends with him.

I do find it ironic that Ms. Rakestraw thought it was perfectly acceptable to make others wait hours and hours while her friends at GSIW and the NAACP were disrupting public business and getting arrested.  But now that it’s her left waiting, it’s suddenly a problem.

Rakestraw’s involvement is this video last year affirmed my opinion of her. (That’s her on the right at the beginning.) She’s looney.  She has said many crazy things over the years. She thinks billionaires supported the '09 School Board candidates. (If so, where were they last year? Hmm?) 

However, on this issue I agree with her. Hill was wrong. He saw how many people had signed up to voice their concerns and arrogantly chose to ignore them. Instead, he quoted policy ala Jim Martin and made them wait. Yes, even you Rita.