Friday, February 3, 2012

My, my… times haven’t changed.

The NAACP and Great Schools in Wake (GSIW) held yet another “community mass meeting” last week. Their flier said they would be talking about the new student assignment plan. In case you haven’t figured it out, they don’t like it – and they will stop at nothing to ensure you don’t like it either. 

In true "Tata-style", the Superintendent showed up with other school officials (although I’m not sure who).  Supt. Tata, according to the N&O, offered to answer questions and address concerns from the audience. But, because the truth and facts about the plan might extinguish the fear created by these groups, he was shut down. Instead, the women from GSIW had the audacity to field questions from the audience about a plan they hate. Talk about spin.

Just a couple of years ago, these groups were disrupting meetings and getting arrested in order to gain attention.  Now, they have the Superintendent attending their meetings and they dismiss him. Once again, they’ve proven they’re not interested in having a better understanding of the plan or any other issue for that matter. They’re only interested in staying relevant – and the only way they know how is by creating drama.

Kudos to Supt. Tata for even showing up. I hope he now understands the real agenda of these groups.  We still have to worry, however, if the GSIW members who now serve on the School Board – Evans, Martin and Kushner – understand this as well.